Our Customer Stories

Nitin , Hyderabad

Due to some accident, my spinal cord has injured and I couldn't stand, so by this Standing wheelchair, I can stand again and do my regular work very easily.After partial loss of movement in my...

Shaik Nasima , Hyderabad

My name is Shaik Nasima resident of Hyderabad. I am suffering with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) disease for the past 24 years. Due to this disease I can't walk and bounded to wheelchair. Earlier I used to...

Sundeep , Ahmedabad

Super satisfied with the product as well as great customer support. When I get stuck in the airport in UK, airlines authorities are asking for details regarding the wheelchair and battery etc. and I just...

Amitesh Mondal , Kolkata

The wheelchair is awesome and meets our requirements. My dad is unable to walk but now he can take a long drive in our locality and he is happy which means a lot to us. Product: Electrical...

Vijaya Bhaskar , Proddatur, Andhra Pradesh

This Stair climbing wheelchair quality is very good and comfortable to sit and easy to climb stairs with minimal support, packing is very neatly done. Great customer support.. Product: Stair Climbing Power Wheelchair

Mohmed, Kenya

We bought this BMC CPAP for my father who has issues in sleeping, after using this cpap, he is having good sleep. Product: CPAP Nasal Mask(NM) BMC

Helping Hand Foundation , Hyderabad

Helping Hand Foundation, Hyderabad