About Us

http://Medicalbulkbuy.com is India’s first online portal for ordering world-class patient care & clinical products. We are the authorised distributors, importers, and stockists for some of the leading brands. Medicalbulkbuy bring its expertise and its reputation for quality products and superior service into online retailing to deliver an easy way to shop for these products.

At Medicalbulkbuy.com, it is our endeavour to provide you with a convenient way to find out about surgical instruments, medical furniture, and medical equipment, to compare them, and to get them delivered right to your doorstep. Our comprehensive site caters to a wide variety of products in the medical sphere. We source the best products from around the world so that you get the assurance of the best quality of products.

General Business Activities
The company was established in 1998 and has been in the medical industry since then. The services provided were not only limited to supply of oxygen gas cylinders to hospitals but also included supply of healthcare products such as CPAP, BPAP, Oxygen Concentrators and several other respiratory related products for domestic or homecare patients. With the increase in the market for medical devices, a new company was formed with sole intention to serve these customers better with the name of GVS Healthcare Products.
“Highly professional, well received call even in the early hours. Responded well to medical emergency, good service” J. Lakshmi, 30th Oct, 2014- Review by one of the customers on justdial.com.
Now, we have been in this service so long, we are moving forward with confidence for catering our services to wider range of customers all over India through an e-commerce portal with the name medicalbulkbuy.com.
Company Strategy
With the establishment of this website we tend to market and improve the knowledge of our customers on medical support available in the market and also are reachable for towns and villages who have to travel to nearest city for every small surgical item.
Company Growth
The company has been growing ever since 1998 and still is in expansion stage into numerous activities with different strategies. Now with the website, we are taking it several steps forward dealing with several respiratory and surgical products. We have increased the scope for growth of the company with this simple yet innovative step where a lot of medical dealers can join with us and improve the availability of the product in the market for the customers. This also helps the dealers for the marketing of their products. We look forward for long-term relationships with our customers and clients alike.