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Humidifier Bottle with Flowmeter

Rs. 680.00

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Humidifier Bottle with Flow meter

  • Humidifier Bottle with Flow meter is used as spare part of FA Valve regulator.
  • This can be described as two parts. One is Humidifier bottle and other one is jacketed flow meter.
  • Oxygen is released from FA valve regulator to the jacketed flow meter then to the humidifier bottle. Then the oxygen flows through the Oxygen pipe to the patient.
  • Based on the doctor’s suggestion the flow of oxygen is adjusted  Zero to 15 ltr per minute by the patient. There is a marking for on HumidifierBottle.  This is for maintaining the water level.  Water is used in humidifier as it reduces the dryness in patient nasal area.
  • Water is maintained at minimum level at maximum flow rate. This is to avoid water flow into the oxygen pipe. So optimum level of water is maintained in the humidifier.
  • Mineral water is preferable compared with normal water. This is to avoid scaling formation in the bottle.
  • Washers are maintained to avoid leakage of oxygen gas. There will be three washers generally. One at the nut area, second at the top of the bottle thread and the third one is at inside the bottle.
  • When ever we change the water or fill the water one has to take care to maintain the washer without falling.
  • FA valve nob shall be in closed position while Opening the spindle of the cylinder. Then release the nob slowly to the required flow rate.
  • Usage of this equipment shall be done by trained personal. There will breakage of the either jacketed flow meter.  This happens when using them in working area.  it is suggested to buy Humidifier with bottle. Then one can save on purchasing the above unit.
  • Area of usage: At Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Diagnostic centers, clinics, Ambulances , Home care Patients etc

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