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All In One Vaporizer

Rs. 210.00

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Cold and flue symptoms gets relieved with the help of steam vaporizer. All In One Vaporizer restores pure and natural moisture.  Pure steam vapor restores moisture to dry indoor air for better living.

It helps relieve cold and flu symptoms. Human life has to survive with water as one nutrient. Moisture is required for all part of body to work properly.

Human body works poorly when sufficient water is not maintained. Dehydration  may occur when one is effected by cold and flu.  Cold and flu generally happens during fall and winter.

This steam vaporizer keeps your respiratory system moist by allowing to fight off bacteria, viruses and pollutants, assists you breath better, and sleep more comfortably.

The steam vaporizer boils the water and produces pure steam vapor which is released into the room. The vapor is bacteria free and leaves no white dust.

It is preferred to use three to four time a day whenever one is suffering from cold, flue, Respiratory Ailment therapy , Bronchitis and followed by doctor’s suggestion.

Use mineral water or normal clean water is suggested to get pure steam generation and to avoid scaling . There will be no side effects when one uses the vaporizer with optimum level.

Application : For soft, smooth, glowing & beautiful skin, special attachment with for quick relief from common cold, cough

For throat irritation and soft glowing beautiful skin,  quick & constant steam, easy to carry & use

Product Specifications: 

Water used : Normal clean water or mineral water is used

Application: Nose and throat treatment, cold treatment, laryngitis, Bronchitis, Hay fever

Purpose : Respiratory Ailment therapy, Aroma Therapy, Bronchitis, Steamer

Water capacity: 600 ml

Power features : Input power : 240 V, 50 Hz, Power consumption : 240 V

Warranty: Warranty against any type of manufacturing defects.

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5 out of 5

Very useful and working great. No issues so far.

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