Shaik Nasima

My name is Shaik Nasima resident of Hyderabad. I am suffering with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) disease for the past 24 years. Due to this disease I can’t walk and bounded to wheelchair. Earlier I used to go outside by using manual operated wheelchair for which a person is essential required to push the wheelchair. Due to this reason I am bounded to my home only.

Recently I got a Reclining Power Wheelchair which runs with Joystick controller and remote, marketed by M/s GVS Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd. With this motor/battery operated  wheelchair now my travel in outside areas has become very easy and comfortable. Now, I can self ride this motor wheelchair by using remote sensor in required directions without anybody’s assistance for pushing the motor wheelchair. Due to the disease I can’t sit for long time.  As this  wheelchair  having the provision of reclining and lifting of pedals with the help of remote controller, I am able to lie down in the power Wheelchair itself at home as well as outside also. Further this power Wheelchair is provided with breaks, safety belt, remote sensor, joystick (which works as steering), Horn etc. The battery attached to this power Wheelchair is rechargeable easily.

I am very thankful to M/s GVS Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd for marketing such a power Wheelchair which is very much useful to differently abled persons like me.

Product: Reclining Electrical Wheelchair


Super satisfied with the product as well as great customer support. When I get stuck in the airport in UK, airlines authorities are asking for details regarding the wheelchair and battery etc. and I just called the customer care of  GVS Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.  and they helped me providing all the details. Once again Thank to them. Really enjoyed my abroad/UK trip with this Light weight Aluminium Powered wheelchair.  Has improved quality of life tremendously.Assembly was also easy with immediate support from medicalbulkbuy.com.

Product: Aluminum Electrical wheel Chair With Excellent Travel Companion

Amitesh Mondal

The wheelchair is awesome and meets our requirements.
My dad is unable to walk but now he can take a long drive in our locality and he is happy which means a lot to us.

Product: Electrical Wheel Chair